In this section, I will make you discover some contents (websites, youtube channel, books) I found usefull to learn Python, Data Sciences, A.I. or Programming in general.


 Programmation efficace 

C.Dürr & J-J. Vie

This book is the first one I read after knowing basics of Python. It makes me stepped up because it goes through 128 various algorithms and keep an eye on Algorithmic Complexity. As a consequence, it's not written for complete beginner because some codes are quite complicated to understand. Among the topics, we can find subjects from work on strings to pathfinding through geometry.
Python 3 Algorithmic

 Learning SciPy for Numerical and Scientific Computing 

S.J. Rojas G. & E.A. Christensen & F.J. Blanco-Silva

This book is the second one I went through. It's starting with a presentation of Numpy's library then to the use Scipy in connection with Numpy. This book presents severals functions to solve problems of Linear Algebra to Machine Learning through Numerical Analysis and Signal Processing. Being more oriented on the library presentation, I didn't read completely the book. It is especially a nice tool to keep on hand in case of problems.
Python 3 Linear Algebra Numerical Analysis Machine Learning Scipy Numpy

 Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow 

A. Géron

This book is the must have if you want to learn Machine Learning. In part 1, you will get an explaination of how to handle a problem of either Regression or Classification before to presents you all models more in details, how to optimize them and how to reduce dimensions. In part 2, you gonna discover Neural Networks and Deep Learning based on the well-knows library Tensorflow. This book is really complete, without going too deep into calculation.
BONUS : all example have their own Jupyter Notebook with additionnal content to go further
Python 3 Machine Learning Neural Network Tensorflow Panda Numpy

 Learning TensorFlow 

Tom Hope

After reading the book presented above, you will probably be disappointed by this one as it look very empty. However there is more content regarding some points (word embedding, Recurrent Neural Network). Also the author presents some basic knowledge about tensorflow which are interesting. If you want an advice, buy/read this book prior reading "Hands on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow"
Python 3 Machine Learning Neural Network Tensorflow

 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach 

Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig

Impressive book regarding AI from A to Z. Withing the thousand of pages, you will go in detail in all fields of AI (from simple tree search to Reinforcement Learning). Pay attention that there is no codes provided in the book in any languages but they propose script online to test it on exercices. I'm currently reading the book and will probably takes a lot of times :)
Algorithmic Artificial Intelligence Reinforcement Learning

 Reinforcement Learning 

Richard S.Sutton & Andrew G. Barto

Compare to the book above, this one focus only on Reinforcement Learning. You will learn several way to built you AI by using this "new" field of science. I didn't started it yet, I'll keep you posted !
Algorithmic Artificial Intelligence Reinforcement Learning

 Deep Learning 

I. Goodfellow, Y. Bengio & A. Courville

The more I do projects, the more I realize that I need a deeper understanding of How and Why Neural Network works to be able to set more complicated structure than simple NN, RNN or CNN. This book only take into consideration the Neural Network Science. Except the fact that it is not 100% up-to-date (written in 2016), it's a really good source of knowledge about NN. There is also no codes but only pseudo-code to understand some functions.
Algorithmic Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks

 La Formule du Savoir 

Lê Nguyên Hoang

This book addresses the difference between Frequentists Statisticians and Bayesians Statisticians. He tries to convince the readers, with success, to change their mind for a more Bayesian approach. This explanation is based on many good but confusing examples. The book is mostly philosophical and has little mathematics.
Vulgarization Probabilities


 The Coding Train

Want to code in a good spirit ? On this channel, you gonna see some coding challenges and how to solve it with either Javascript with the library P5.js or Java usign Processing. Every problems are solved with clear explainations and an algorithm including a graphical representation to ease the understanding.

Java Javascript P5/Processing


You want to code a website in Python, knows more about ML and finances, write a game on pygame? This channel is definitely made for you ! You gonna find several playlists for every subject with a project made on them. One drawback, some videos are "old" and may be not 100% up-to-date (e.g. Django)

Python Django Machine Learning

 Siraj Raval

This channel goes more in details on NN functionning and how to set them up. It's the must-have for every persons interested in this new field of study.
+1 for the dynamism !

Python Machine Learning Tensorflow


First step in ML or lost in-between all kind of NN ? This channel provides short animations to have an overview how ML is working. No prerequisites needed, it's just an overview of all this science

Machine Learning Vulgarization


A huge Library of sujects, from AngularJS to Linux through big data, you gonna find lot of contents interesting. One drawback, the sound quality is poor and speaker is sometime a bit difficult to understand.

Multi Subjects

 Coding Tech

On this channel, you gonna find a group of shows about latest progress of every programming languages. It's similar to TEDx but for programming

Multi Subjects Vulgarization

 Google Developers

This Channel is the channel of Google Devs. You will find on it several contents including some nice presentation regarding TensorFlow or other Google's features.

Multi Subjects Live Talk

 Arxiv Insights

A golden nugget ! if you want to get more insight in latest breakthrough in Deep Reinforcement Learning. He explains all latest development in a simple way and makes it easy to understand.

Artificial Intelligence

 Two Minute Papers

A presentation of latest breakthroughs in Data Science in 3 minute, this channel provide a very good overview of latest best papers. Around 2 videos per week, it's a good channel to follow.

Artificial Intelligence Reinforcement Learning Vulgarization


A Youtube channel presenting multiple mathematical concepts in an easy way. It's not everytime relevant for Data Sciences but it's a very good source of general knowledge.

Multi Subjects Vulgarization


A global channel talking about computer and algorithms. Similar to Numberphile, it's an interesting generic channel to follow

Linear Algebra Numerical Analysis Vulgarization



You know a programming language and wants to challenge yourself on new problems ? This site is for you! Sove several problems by coding your own IA, fight other coders in multiplayer clashes or in a 7-day tournaments, choici is yours.
This website supports 27 languages, let's code !


This website has been built by Codingame's team. The objective is to propose courses made by Developpers for Developpers. The website remains a beta but has already plenty of good content


I discovered this website not a long time ago and not tried it for now. Like Codingame but for ML, it offers differents datasets to train on ML. You build your own model, you evaluate your model on a specific dataset and you get your accuracy and ranking. If you want to improve your knowledge on ML, this is the place to be !


Should I really present this forum? If you don't know it, it's coding's WikiPedia. You have a question? Someone probably already replied about it on this website :)