Nicolas MINÉ

Data Scientist | Mechanical Engineer


Being interested by programming, I learned by myself some languages (Python, Javascript, VBA, PHP, SQL, R, Java). Since early 2017, I'm passionated with Machine-Learning. I validated in winter 2017/2018 a Master in Data Science on OpenclassRooms and started to learn R on DataCamp. I'm now working as Digitization Specialist where I'll have to use my different knowledge to automate several tasks (defect detection, quality predictions, ...)


Learning of langage R
E-learning (DataCamp)

2018 - XXXX
Training Ongoing

Master Of Data Sciences
Online Classes (OpenClassrooms & CentralSupelec)

2017 - 2018

Mechanical Engineer - IFMA
Pole Machines, Mechanisms and Systems
Clermont-Ferrand (France, 63)
IFMA's website

2010 - 2013

Higher School Preparatory Classes
Section Physics, Chemistry and Enginnering Sciences
Auxerre (France, 89) in 1st year and Troyes (France, 10) in 2ndyear
Website of the 1st year @ Auxerre
Website of the 2nd year @ Troyes

2008 - 2010

General Certificate of Education Advanced Levels
Option Enginnering Sciences - with Distinction
Sens (89)



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Digitization Specialist
HUSKY - Official Website

As part of the Digitization team, the objective is to automate some stages of the mold production (test and inspection). To do so, the automation of some steps is necessary. This will allow to gather data and use them to create predictive models.

01/2019 - Today

Current Job

Industrial Designer
HUSKY - Official Website

Design of PET injection Molds (for plastic bottles preforms). Creation of simple tools to simplify some tasks in VBA, Support of project's coordination

11/2014 - 12/2018

Industrial project of end of studies - Designing a curved chain
ISI Process - Official Website

During this project, I have to research an alternative to the current low-efficient system to cut branches on a tree. One of the alternatives was to design a curved chainsaw. This is the one I worked on. At the end of the project, a mechanical and thermal analysis has been done and a prototype was started

April - September 2013

3rd year Internship

Propulsive efficiency optimization of a multi-rotor drone

The objective of this project was to review all influents parameters on the propulsion chain to improve flight time of drones, propose alternatives and do an experimental validation to estimate the gain in stationnary flight. A test bench and a protocol has been written and some theorical studies have been made based on APC's propellers

2012 - 2013 (120 h)

3rd year Projects

Development and qualification of materials
SGN Areva (Areva NP) - Official Website

In this intership, I participated to the logistics and tests for the development and validation of equipments to perform a reparation in an highly radioactive area. To simplify gestion of material, I've set-up an Access Database for equipment management and documentation then extended to other projects

May - September 2012

2nd year Internship

Automatic marking machine for wood

During this project, the objective was the design of a complete autonomous machine for marking wood planks (Norm NIMP15). Solutions have been estimated, a complete design and sizing has been done for a machine marking with hot iron. Pricing has also been calculated to estimate the amortization for the company

2011 - 2012 (90h)

2nd year Projects

Thinkmotion Project – Design of a closing door system

The objective was to design a 3D animated model for Thinkmotion European Project For this project I design a closing door system using cams

September 2011

2nd year Projects


Python 3.X





Pack Office






I learnt as big part of Python on Codingame. This website propse different puzzle to solve by coding your own IA. There is sometimes some multiplayer tournaments. I participate actively on 4 of them :
Codebuster : 1076/1979
Fantastic Bits : 1005/2399
Ghost in the Cell : 747/3507
Code4Life : 1365/2360

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Python Javascript C++

Movie Explorer

Based on my current learning of Machine Learning, I decided to create a small website mixing WegGL technology with Machine Learning. The idea was to propose a new way to do a movie recommander. Instead of having movies listed, I wanted to represent them in a 3D space. The closer they are, the more similar they are. There is currently 5 version but the simpliest one remains the V4.   Link to website  
Link to the repository  

WebGL (three.js) HTML CSS JavaScript Python

Husky ECO

This second website was a proposal made to simplify an administrative task we have to do in our daily work. The idea was to fill a form, this is afterward stored on the website and easy to search into afterward. Some content are removed for confidentiality reasons
Link to website  

PHP HTML Bootstrap JQuery SQL

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