Nicolas MINÉ

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In this section, I will share with you some scripts I made on Jupyter Notebook with explainations. Unortunately, it won't present Codingame puzzles as most of inputs are provided every turns and depends on our previous output. You can nevertheless refer to my Github but not presented on Notebook

Who am I ?

Wants to know more about myself, take a look to my Resume

Learn Data Science

In this section, I will make you discover some contents (websites, youtube channel, books) I found usefull to learn Python, Data Sciences, A.I. or Programming in general.


Due to time restriction, the "news" section has been replaced by my twitter account for ML. On this, I share interesting tweets I found.


Wants to see some content of training's project or a bit bigger projects ? It's here !


This section will be a repository of miscelleanous information (websites, twitter account). Be curious !

Due to personal changes, there will be less often a new script added. During the first year, I've maintained a rythm of 1 project a week. For the second year, I maintained 2 projects a month. This gaves me the opportunity to keep learning in Data Science, discover the Reinforced Learning, discover cryptography and also start learning Java.

I'm now reaching a stage where I don't have clear new projects to do. As a result, I'm more focusing on Codingame to keep learning but I will not create a Notebook for each fun puzzles. However, you can find them on Github.

In addition, I'm now moving and this will take me some times. As a result, there will be new project posted only when ready.